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Thayer Kitchen
Thayer Corkscrew
Sometimes Changes are made as a work progresses: Compare the two murals below.

We call this mural "Mountain Wine"..The photo on the left was the original design, but we ended up making it a little larger, which improved the perspective.

K. Thayer of San Carlos writes:
Dear Cynthia, Better late than never on these pictures...tell Lois hi...Did you ever get the account for Donald Trump? Your work is AWESOME! Every one loves my kitchen and it's because of your tile work! cousin & her daughter are in the picture. Great kitchen, huh? Take care.

The Kwan Project

One of the most ambitious art projects taken on by Artistic Tile's Art Studio, is the Kwan Pool Project. Done in two stages, first, the under water mural, then the fountain wall, each stage took several months to complete. Despite the scope of the project, no shortcuts were taken to provide less than the highest detail on every square inch of the mural, right down to bugs on the leaves, and shiny eyes on the creatures. Symbolism abounds in the mural. Plants and animals were carefully chosen from Chinese Folklore to provide harmony, balance, good luck, fortune, health, and happiness for the family.

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The Fountain Wall

Fountain Wall
ArtistsThe Artists
Chinese Lantern

The Talented Staff:

Kevin Mau - installer

Lois Parr - Artist

Cynthia Campanile - Designer/Artist


The Wing Walls

Above - Detail Shots of the mural on the Left Side wall.- (you can click on each section for a larger view)

Below - Detail Shots of the tiles in the mural on the Right Side wall.

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