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Alpha Professional Tools® was founded in 1986 and has become a leading manufacturer of quality tools for professionals in the natural/engineered stone, porcelain, ceramic, glass, construction, marine and automotive industries. Alpha® provides the best products for cutting, drilling, shaping and polishing all types of materials.

In addition to providing the best products in the industry, Alpha Professional Tools® offers a variety of services to support their products.

With over 35 years experience, Artistic Tile & Stone has developed a strong relationship with tile professionals providing tile equipment and accessories. They can count on Artistic Tile & Stone to be their answer for all their tiling needs. Whether it's constructing the floor of a brand new hotel or home improvement, Artistic Tile &Stone is your supplier for the job.

  • We pride ourselves on selling brands you can trust.
  • We insure quality and save you money.
  • We always provide the best balance of QUALITY, SERVICE, & PRICE