On 1/24/2024 We lost our dear companion "Dood Campanile" just one day shy of what would have been his 15th birthday.

Dood began working at Artistic Tile and Stone at the tender age of 4 months and spent his career as a therapy specialist by visiting all of our clientele and leaning into them to get pets and strokes which had a very calming effect on both parties.

Dood loved crowds and parties! Whenever we had events he was all in! he would dance and cavort and have a great time!
On his days off Dood loved to go boating or take a trip to the coast where he would dig holes in the sand, chase balls and take seaweed stalks and chew the stems and spit them out. This would be followed with going to a local restaurant where he would get treats.

Vacations might be trips to the lakes near Tahoe or play in the snow during winter. At home the weather was never freezing and rarely wet. Redwood City has a slogan: "Weather best by Government Test" where we are blessed with one of the most temperate climates in the U.S.A. We think he enjoyed this very much along with chasing the Canadian Geese that invaded his parkland (and of course those silly squirrels)

Sometimes our customers would bring their pets to the showroom and most times Dood made friends with them and they would race around and have a great time playing!

About a year ago Dood began showing signs of Canine Dementia. we did what we could to deal with this issue but eventually it overcame him.

Our hearts are broken, and he will be greatly missed, but we are comforted in the knowledge that Dood had a wonderful and happy life while he was with us.