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Williamson KitchenWilliamson Mural

Our latest Mural:

Kitchen mural backsplash in Palo Alto, CA

1987 Steeplechase1987 Steeplechase
1987 SteeplechaseProgress Shot

The showhouse sheeplechase was one of our first large murals. It was used in 1987 for a decorators showhouse. Since then, Artistic Tile & Stone has been involved with decorator showhouses in the Bay Area almost every year

Good MuralGood Mural

The Boat scene was taken from a photo of the clients property in Ireland. In the background are several details that are significant to the client. Dates of marriage, childrens birthdays, etc. It's kind of like playing 'Where's Waldo', because you have to look very closely.

BunnyBunny Mural
Bunny 2Bunny Closeup
Gallery Shower ArtShower Gallery
Tuscany 1Tuscan Village on Marble
Fortier MuralTuscan Village on Tile
Country- ShelfCountry Shelf
Veggie BasketVeggie Basket
ME ChickenHen with Chick