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AT&S is one of the largest distributors of Fila stone care products in the U.S.A.. Fila, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium quality stone care products, offers a complete range of certified products for professionals or end users.

Products include:

Fila Cleaners - used for routine maintenance care that won't damage the sealer or Fila heavy-duty Cleaners used for tougher cleaning projects to help stone regain its natural Beauty.
Fila Sealers - specially formulated to protect stone, tile and grout surfaces by helping to prevent stains while letting the natural beauty of the stone shine through.
Green Line For a chemical company like Fila, respect for the environment is not just a question of eco-labels and certifications: it is a legal and moral commitment, a series of concrete choices that involve all the company’s sectors. Hence the birth of  Fila Green Action, the big Fila project that brings together all the “ecological actions” put in place by our company: from production to use of products right through to disposal. Fila looks after the environment in many ways.

Fila has identified very precise parameters in order to ensure the maximum respect for the environment and for users.

Here are Fila’s 10 “green” rules.
1.High biodegradability.
2.Compliance with VOC regulations: Green Line products have low volatile hydrocarbon emissions, the main cause of global warming. Some of them are actually completely VOC-free.
3.Products without solvents that attack the ozone layer.
4.Products not classified as toxic, flammable or harmful for man and the environment.
5.High concentration: such products have a higher yield and as a consequence entail smaller product waste in the environment and lower use of packaging.
6.pH between 3 and 12: Fila products do not attack the surfaces and maintain high performance.
7.Products without formaldehyde and hypochlorites, toxic and carcinogen products which are very often found in chemicals for cleaning and protecting surfaces.
8.Metallization-free waxes: the presence of metals in products is a highly pollutant factor for water.
9.When choosing water-soluble solvents, the exclusion of the most harmful ones for the user and pollutant for water (carbitols and cellosolves).
10.Elimination of phthalates as plasticizers in all wax formulations.  Responsible for reproductive problems in animals and humans.


Green Line products therefore have a low environmental impact and can contribute to acquiring LEED certification, a Green Building Rating System for developing eco-friendy buildings recognized at international level.
LEED standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) provide parameters for sustainable building and indicate the requirements for environmentally friendly structures capable of guaranteeing maximum sustainability and complete self-sufficiency at energy level.

Fila products fall within the parameter “Low-Emitting materials; Paints & Coatings” (EQ 4.2), the aim of which is to reduce the contaminant elements in the air inside buildings.

Fila Line of Cleaners and Sealers

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