Better Bio Solutions

Better Bio

After several years of research Artistic Tile and Stone is proud to be the authorized factory distributor of the latest in Green technology - Bio-Based, Environmentally friendly non toxic water treatment products, cleaners and degreaser products for home, commercial, industrial, and agricultural use.

  • All Better Bio Solutions products are bio-safe, biodegradable, non-fuming, non-hazardous.
  • Contain no harmful VOCs, and will not harm tile, grout, stone, you and your family, or the environment.
  • Colloidal micelles cleaners/degreasers are environmentally safe and revolutionary in concept that work on the molecular level. They break the attraction of molecules to each other and to a surface. Once the attraction is broken, residue is easily rinsed away.
  • All ingredients contained are either GRAS listed or "OCP" approved as Organic Materials as reviewed by the Institute for Organic Crop Production.

    This product has been approved by USDA to meet the guidelines as a certified "BIOBASE" Cleaner.

    USDA UDA Organic