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Fila Cleanall - Gallon


Weight: 9.7 lbs

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CLEANALL Professional All Surfaces Cleaner

what it's for

  • Professional All Surfaces Cleaner, Gently cleans all wall and floor coverings.
  • Safe for delicate surfaces.
  • Highly concentrated, can be diluted according to use
  • Pleasantly Scented, When Diluted 1: 200 doesn't leave a residue.
  • Ideal for Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile, Let, Wood, Laminates

Price: $21.79 - All Surface Everyday Cleaner

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Sold by the: Each
Units per Box: 4
Weight each: 9.7 lbs.
Weight per Box: 38.8 lbs.
Material: Liquid
Notes: Gallon

All purpose floor cleaner for terracotta, porcelain stoneware, glazed ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, concrete, wood, natural stone, granite, agglomerates, tumbled marble, pebbles and cobblestones.


• A gentle detergent for all floors

• Safe for pretreated and sensitive surfaces

• Essential for after installation cleaning of acid sensitive material such as polished natural stone or polish agglomerates


• Cleans without damaging the surface

• When highly diluted (1:200) it leaves no residues and does not require rinsing.

• Highly concentrated: can be diluted according to use.

• Highly biodegradable

• Ideal for the maintenance of waxed surfaces.

• Diluted min. 1:200 can be used with a floor cleaning machine

• Ideal for laminated surfaces

How it is used

Dilution: as required ? from 1:30 to 1:200.


1. Maintenance: dilute to 1:200 (1 oz per gal water) used with a floor cleaning machine. Does not require rinsing.

2. For very dirty floors, dilute to 1:301:50, then clean the surface with a cloth and scrubbing brush. Remove dirt and rinse.

3. For after installation cleaning, dilute 1:30 and spread with a single disc professional cleaner with a soft disc (white or beige) or a floor scrubbing brush. Remove the residue with a
vacuum drier or cloths. Rinse thoroughly.

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