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DWM Test Sheets Product

SKU: test1

Weight: 3.3 lbs

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Tile sold in Sheets

as an example of Tile, Glass, Stone SOLD BY THE SHEET.

Calculator Needed: YES

Price: $25.00 - Per sheet
1 sheet = .97 Sq Ft
1 sheet = $25.00/.97 Sq Ft
10 sheets = $250.00 for 9.7 Square Feet

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Sold by the: Test
Units per Box: 20
Weight each: 3.3 lbs.
Weight per Box: 66 lbs.
Material: Porcelain
Finish: Glossy
Tile Size: 1 x 1
Color: Gray
Unit Size: 0.97 Sq. Ft.
Sq. Ft. per Box: 19.4 Sq. Ft.
Thickness: 1/2"
Category: 2249-00
Notes: Notes

Tile must be installed over a suitable substrate to insure a proper installation. Pool Tile should be installed over a clean, sound, and flat surface, free of contaminates including curing compounds. Substrate should be free of cracks. If used in a wet area you must waterproof. See manufacturer’s recommendation on a membrane for crack and water protection that is compatible with the setting material you are using. Inconsistencies in the substrate will result in a poor installation.

For pools and fountains we recommend installing a mortar bed according to TCA P601-98. EXPANSION AND CONTROL JOINTS PER TCA EJ171-05 Expansion joints should be installed at all “changes in plane” in the tile work and where tile abuts restraining surfaces, therefore silicone caulking sealant must be installed in all corner joints in place of grout.


  • Grout joints should be packed full and free of voids and pits.
  • Clean excess grout as the work progresses before it has hardens completely.
  • We recommend Aqua Mix Grout Haze Cleanup for cleaning grout haze.
  • Use a damp sponge for the final cleaning and to smooth out the grout joints.
  • It is recommended to use non-sanded grout for joints less than 1/8" Sanded Grout is recommended for joints wider than 1/8"


The recommended cutting method is to use a wet saw with a diamond blade. Edges can be sanded smooth after cutting. We suggest ordering a Dia-Pad Kit.


Write a review | No reviews for this product.