How to Install Shelf Units

bb step 1 1.

Position unit at desired location and mark mounting holes on substrate. Using a 3/8" masonry Bit, drill marked locations completely through substrate.

bb step 2 2.

Place 3/8" fastener sleeves (supplied) in applicable drilled holes. Inject a small amount of adhesive caulk in each mounting hole. Reposition unit, insert fastener screws and tighten completely using a hand screwdriver.

bb step 3 3.

Place a continuous bead of adhesive caulk along top edge of the unit at wall surface. Apply stiff mortar to completely fill unit, allowing the mortar to press through the front holes. Screed mortar even with top and front edges and fill any mortar voids in the front channel.

bb step 4 4.

Tile and grout the top and face of the unit as desired.

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Innovis Shelf Units and Recess Units

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