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4.5 stars

Amy H.
Menlo Park, CA
5.0 star rating

We've had really good experiences at Artistic Tile. The sales staff was very helpful with making choices - there's just so much to wade through and try to decide about. The order was done well, we had no glitches to speak of. The price we paid for our granite was just amazing ($1200 for TWO slabs? That's practically free!) and the entire process was very friendly and simple. I also like the atmosphere. The two managers, Cynthia and Norine (I hope I'm spelling that right) have been right there for every question/concern. The prices are a tad higher than, say, a box store, but the service and quality are worth the extra expense.

Dyan F.
San Carlos, CA
5.0 star rating

5 stars for convenience! I can't even begin to count how many of my projects came out of this showroom. It's a great showroom, there's a good selection, the sales staff are helpful not snooty, the prices are competitive and the product always arrived.

Michael G.
South San Francisco, CA
5.0 star rating

We found Cynthia at Artistic Tile and Stone to be extremely helpful. She worked with my wife to create two distinctly different bathrooms with textures and colors that were very different but went well together. Our remodeled baths do have that WOW factor. Cynthia's drawings of what the final look would be were very helpful to me, who is not as good at visualizing outcomes as is my wife. We referred to the pictures more than once during the project. She was honest about product delivery times and accurate on amounts we should order. It was a great experience from beginning to end and I do recommend them to our friends and people we know are getting ready to start tile or stone projects. I also recommend calling and scheduling an appointment with Cynthia because that will give you the priority you need with her time.

Gary S.
Menlo Park, CA
5.0 star rating

Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul you are great. Never done a bathroom remodel before so when I called for info I expected a typical hard sell and little info. Got the opposite. I became educated and now can intelligently advise others!!!!!!!!! Highly recommend this store!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay M.
Sandy UT
5.0 star rating

I had outstanding customer service from these people when ordering from the website. I was up against an installation deadline and called to check on availability of a porcelain shelf. The person I talked to (I think his name was Marvin) said he would get back to me in an hour and sure enough he did with details of current availability along with worst case delivery if I ordered more than they had on hand. I placed the order and it came in plenty of time.
At a later date, I ordered several porcelain shelves and one of them arrived broken. I called immediately, about 2:00 in the afternoon, and a very helpful customer service person named Norine actually had a replacement on a UPS truck by 4:30. No hassle at all. I received it two days later in plenty of time for me to use it for the project.

Laura D.
Redwood City, CA
5.0 star rating

I was so happy to have found this showroom. It's easy to miss, since it's on a side street off of Industrial in San Carlos. I was delighted to see what a gorgeous selection that they have. Cynthia and the rest of the staff are really knowledgable, polite and helpful. I worked directly wth Anisha, who is a talented designer on staff. She is extremely organized and kept detailed notes on all of our meetings. She had a better handle on my project than I did! She has creative ideas and even created renderings of the 3 rooms of my project, which was enormously helpful to allow me to envision what we were planning. She even helped by suggesting reliable installers. And, Dood, the showroom Labradoodle, is a wonderful addition to the staff. I highly recommend this company.

Jennifer D.
Kensington, MD
5.0 star rating

I had ordered some house number tiles from another company and then ordered the frame from Artistic Tile & Stone. I got an Email asking me what the exact dimensions of the tiles were because, as they said, the dimensions they give you are not exact. I didn't know this and was very impressed that they would let me know this. Well, we Emailed back and forth and I finally called and spoke to a very helpful, patient young lady who said she would just put my order on hold till I got my tiles so I could give her the exact dimensions. My tiles just arrived and I have sent the dimensions to them. Both of the parties I spoke to were so helpful I had to write a review. Especially since it looks like, after all this, I won't be able to order my frame from them. Their names are Norine And Dave. I hope their supervisor reads this! :) Happy Customer from Kensington, MD

m e.
Carlsbad, CA
5.0 star rating

Cynthia gets 1,000,000 stars for helping me on the phone for 12 minutes !!!
I called asking if they had an item in stock for me to buy online and have shipped to me and she told me that I would probably be a lot happier with a different item and she told me what it was and where to buy it and how much it cost and I was just super duper happy that she helped me because my house it a total mess and under construction and i really needed help right this minute and she helped me and that was really awesome. Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!!

Marilyn F. (Non Yelp Review of Online Store)
Tucson, AZ
5.0 star rating

I ordered tile online from artistic tile last month (order # 5209), and wanted to leave feedback and can't find a link on my receipt to do so. Perhaps I overlooked it, but when I called, the gentleman on the phone gave me this email address and asked me to send you my feedback.
I was very pleased and wanted to give this company a 5 star. The people I talked with on the phone each time were friendly and courteous, my tile arrived in good shape and it was packaged very well to prevent breakage. My order arrived within the time suggested as well.
Symphony Autumn Forest was just what I wanted and was easy to install myself...plust it looks great!
Great job, great quality product and great PR!
Thank you, and best wishes for the coming year-

Carmen M.
Belmont, CA
5.0 star rating

We have used tile from Artistic for two remodels now and we just don't shop anyplace else. We are remodeling a bathroom and I worked with the designer Cynthia who was able to take my ideas and turn them into reality within my budget. As she put it, "Tell me what you want to spend and we will make it work." They carry a beautiful selection of products, give correct information when you ask for advice, refer you to contractors and fabricators who do quality work, and follow through on what they say they will do. The service is excellent. If you want to sit down and plan out a project with a designer, I suggest you go on a weekday if you can -- they can be very busy on the weekends and they do give each customer all the time needed to make sure your project will be perfect.

Diane B.
San Carlos, CA
5.0 star rating

We just finished a master bathroom remodel. It was a large project. After doing some research and looking for a specific ceramic tile, I found it at Artistic Tile. I made an appointment with Dave and he was extremely helpful and professional. I chose all the tile/marble for the bathroom; he drew up a sketch and we sent it to the contractor. Because I my choices, it became a very expensive project and I needed to go back to the store for a Plan B. Again, Dave could not have been nicer and very helpful. We made some alterations and, again, sent the sketches and selected materials to the contractor. We also included another sketch with alternate materials. When it was all said and done, I was able to use the material I originally wanted, but with a few substitutions. The bathroom is beautiful and I love it! I recently made another trip down to talk to Dave about cleaning materials. He told me what they stock in the store and what he recommends. It is a concentrate and wasn't expensive. He also told me to use new sponges/rags that have not been used with any other harsh cleaning detergents. I would go back to Artistic tile any time.

Brenda R.
Santa Cruz, CA
4.0 star rating

Great service...Anisha was very patient with me and helpful as I made my decisions. Never made me feel like I was taking up too much of her time or making too many phone calls. Lot's of options and ranges, good show room for ideas. No high pressure. A little confusion with pick up in the warehouse but other than that a great experience

Kate B.
Foster City, CA
5.0 star rating

I have used Artistic Tile & Stone many times over the years. When I am about to start a new project I look around at other tile stores just to see what is out there. But I always end up back at Artistic. Weather I'm doing a bathroom, kitchen, or hallway, they have the best selection. Dave is always so helpful. I'll go into the store to look around & then make an appointment for a later date, where he gives me all the attention & help I need. He has great ideas about style & what works. Once I pick out what I want, he then talks to my tile guy & they figure out what I need. I could spend less at a big box store, but I wouldn't get the quality or customer service I get at Artistic. Great customer service. Dave is the best!!

Sylvie S.
Menlo Park, CA
5.0 star rating

I can't say enough good things about this store. We have just completed a major remodel and broke tiles in two major areas (fireplace and bathrooms). Instead of having to order new ones, Jennifer simply gave us what she had in the store. This saves us waiting three weeks to complete our fireplace. We are planing on working with Jennifer on all our tiling needs in the future. Thank you!!!

mike g.
Redwood City, CA
5.0 star rating

We recently purchased our tile at Artistic Tile and Stone. Some problems came up with the grout color after installation by OUR contractor. I was not getting straight answers from the contractor and went back to Artistic Tile for some help. The store manager talked about possible causes and actually came to my house to take a look. He was very experienced and knowledgeable and we reviewed the possible causes for my problem. I appreciate someone who cares about their customers problems and is willing to go out of their way to help. I think this speaks volumes of the service customers can expect from this company.

Juan R.
Belmont, CA
1.0 star rating

Well, it took something bad enough to happen for me to register and post my 1st ever review on Yelp. Wow! A 52% markup on an item purchased at ATS. Found the same item at a tile store in San Jose for much less and requested a price match. After asking for a manager, a sales rep at he would not match price because they also had "shipping and overhead" costs to consider.Really? Manager didn't even have the decency to come out and talk to me...sent a sales guy to give me the bad news. FYI- the amount in question... $20. If they are willing to upset a client over a few bucks, I am not trusting them with the rest of my tile job. Poor business practices all around. i.e. cost, service, professionalism, good judgement, good will, you name it. Good thing it's not a monopoly and there are dozens of tile shops in the area. This business man is taking his business elsewhere!
Reply from Tony C. of Artistic Tile & Stone 10/3/2012
I was in the middle of a conference call at the time Juan was in the store. By the time I could break away he had already left.

A week ago Juan paid $62 for a recessed shelf unit. Dave spent a lot of time with him going over how to install it, answering lots of questions, etc. Later, Juan found the same item on our on-line store for $41.61. Juan returned to our store to ask why our on-line price for the same item was $20 less than what he had paid for it. Unfortunately, he was so upset , Dave (our store manager) had to step away.

Our on-line price is FOB factory wholesale and has shipping & handling added to it. The final price delivered to San Carlos would be about $55.00.

All our prices are very competitive with other stores, I looked into the price discrepancy to discover that the last time we had price updates, our pricing person had mixed the SKU up with a different product. It should have been $55.50. The price had been incorrect for 6 months and we were not aware of it. Our sales staff are not used to questioning price changes, and it was not brought up until Juan pointed it out.

Brandon, our IT person tried to help Juan, but Brandon is not in sales and knows nothing about the product. Juan told Brandon that another local wholesale store had the same product for $55. Brandon called them to confirm the price but apparently the item is called something else there. Brandon came back to my office to get permission to match the price despite the name discrepancy, but when he returned to the showroom, Juan had already left the store saying he would make a complaint on Yelp.

If our prices are not competitive,we have a price match guarantee. We will match the price of any brand name product we carry. If you find a lower price on an identical available product at a local retail competitor's store, simply bring us the competitive quote. There are exclusions: It does not apply to website sales, free items, pricing errors, or clearance items.

Treating customers with respect is paramount to us. With over 30 years in this business we have always depended on their continued support and referrals. Making customers happy is one of our primary goals. I tried to reach Juan, but he has not attempted to call back.

Pam F.
Palo Alto, CA
5.0 star rating

I was extremely pleased with every aspect of their service, from browsing through the store with a myriad of questions being answered, taking home tile after tile, shown slab after slab of marble and finally through my purchase. They were always there to help me. I highly recommend them.

marie p.
Burlingame, CA
5.0 star rating

What a beautiful showroom! My husband and I are remodeling our bathroom and just ordered all our tile from Artistic. We were greeted and helped by Cynthia; very pleased with her knowledge about measurements and design....We will certainly return for any future tile projects that may come up.

Dan F.
Redwood City, CA
4.0 star rating

We had Cynthia design a fireplace surround and it turned out really sharp! We received many compliments from friends and one of our neighbors redid thier fireplace using Artistic. We also redid our kitchen, which Cynthia designed the tile layout.It was a home run!
We liked Artistic's incredible displays, the great design service and the higher end and higher quality tile. A friend in eastbay could not get their master bath design problems resolved. I referred them to Cynthia and she stayed open late to help them out. They love thier new bath!

A.L. L.
San Carlos, CA
5.0 star rating

I walked in to Artistic Tile with a piece of tile about to launch into a saga about going to 3 different places already and receiving 3 different answers about what kind it was and where to get it. I waited a few minutes while the woman at the desk finished with another client but as soon as she looked at the tile, she immediately identified it, told me the history of it and how I can order it. It was a special order and I did have to pay shipping but considering the weight of them, I wasn't too surprised. When my tiles arrived I received a phone call immediately and even though I missed the warehouse hours, they dug them up and left them at the front counter for me. Great, easy experience. Since I couldn't find the product anywhere else, I have no idea if it was more expensive but sometimes, convenience and saving time is worth it!

Cindy L.
Leesburg, VA
5.0 star rating

I found Artistic Tile & Stone over the internet. Their price on the tile I wanted was cheaper than any other. The tile came in less than a week. The only problem is that I didn't order enough. I just called Dave and Cynthia up and they arranged the next shipment to be sent - in time for my contractor to finish our bathroom remodel. Thanks for your assistance.

Emma F.
Redwood City, CA
4.0 star rating

My tile installer recommended this place and I'm glad he did. The selection is extraordinary, but, at least in my experience, it was the service and follow-through that earns them 4 stars in my "book". Dave was very helpful and informative, then checked availability with the supplier by phone. This was Friday. Tile was to be delivered the following week on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the supplier's inventory process seems in need of updating and I got a call from Dave on Monday that the tile I chose was not available after all. Another trip to the store to choose an alternate, but this time he said he would get it in as a special order. To my surprise, they got the new tile in only late by one day, as promised, and I got a call to confirm the tile had arrived. It was easy to make arrangements to have my installer pick up the tile.
By the way, as instructed by the installer, I asked if they could extend to me the contractor's usual 10% discount and I got it without any hesitation on their part. I value businesses that treat their customer's with this kind of care. Even though mine was a relatively small order (for a fireplace), they treated me as if I were ordering far more. Good business strategy on their part since I'm likely to go back here and recommend them to others.

Harry S.
San Mateo, CA
5.0 star rating

It was a good experience working with the owner, Cynthia. She was kind and very attentive in helping us with our kitchen and bathrooms remodeling project. She was creative, artistic, and patient throughout the design process to ensure that we are happy with the design and within budget. When unexpected problems occurred, Cynthia was always available and resourceful by going the extra mile to find the solution to help us complete the project in a timely manner. Overall, we were happy with Cynthia's work and service. We will definitely go back to her for future projects.

Michelle G.
San Mateo, CA
4.0 star rating

I had a very good experience here with Jennifer. I just remodeled my shower (with tile purchased at Home Depot) and was disappointed to learn the tile manufacturer stopped making the matching floor tiles. What a mess! I took a sample of my tiles to Artistic Tile and Jennifer quickly brought me 3 different floor tiles, any of which would have coordinated nicely with my discontinued wall tile. They have an unbelievable selection of tile. I came on a week day and did not have an appointment and had to wait about 5 or 10 minutes for some help. She let me take all 3 samples home with me (unlike Home Depot, which charges you). I would definitely recommend this place!

B H.
Redwood City, CA
5.0 star rating

For installation of our tile, I went with Tapia Tile & Marble Co. (Eligio Tapia, 650-364-8038 or 650-520-6306, eligio.tapia@sbcglobal...). Rates are quite reasonable compared other firms I checked. But still, you should expect to pay about $9-12 per square foot for a floor tile installation job. Eligio may be willing to negotiate if you drive a hard bargain. His guys are very detail-oriented, and they spend a lot of time making sure that the tiles are all completely flat and true. The job they did for us included picking up the tiles from the tile store (which weighed more than 1000 pounds), covering our existing floors to prevent damage due to worker traffic, demo and removal of the existing tile (produces a lot of dust that goes everywhere.... even with installation of plastic shrouds around the work area), demo and removal of the floor moulding, moving appliances out of the kitchen, installing hardi-backer flooring under-layment, installing the tiles, grouting & sealing, installation of new floor moulding (provided by us), and re-installation of the kitchen appliances. They did a great job and cleaned up the work areas after they were done. Eligio and his team arrived promptly at 8AM every morning without delay. One of his guys, "Jesse", was particularly detail-oriented and was easy to work with. He took and implemented suggestions from us, and made sure that we were completely satisfied with the work. We are very tough customers, and are 'nit-picky' (to the extreme) about just about everything. It didn't matter, Eligio addressed all our concerns and special needs without complaint. He is a "the customer is always right" kind of guy. However, do be prepared to pay a bit more than originally negotiated if your requests require special additional work. The pricing on the additional work we needed was very fair.

We got our tiles from Artistic Tile and Stone (San Carlos, 650-631-8453). Eligio and Artistic appeared to work seamlessly together on our job. My first suggestion is to order much more tile than the suggested 10% extra, if your tile is likely to have much color variation in its manufacture. That way you can pick and choose the "good" tiles for installation, leaving the "bad" ones as extra leftovers to be stored in the garage. My second suggestion is to be very careful when selecting the color of your grout. The grout should be relatively colorless when compared to the dominant color of the tiles. Check it first by having Eligio's team pour some of the dry grout powder into the gaps between the tiles in a small section of the floor ahead of time, so you get a feeling for what the final grouting will look like. In our case, we had selected a grout that appeared to be a dark rich brown when viewed alone. But when that grout was put down between the tiles (the tiles already had a bit of a reddish-brown appearance), the "red" in the brown grout color made the entire floor look shockingly red. We had all the grout from all the floors removed and replaced with grout that was much more neutral in color. What a difference. This was a big job and a major change to the scope of the work, but Eligio's team took it all in stride and adapted to our needs. FIVE STARS!

edytha R.
Novato, CA
5.0 star rating

After 8 years, I needed some help with tile "know-how". I remembered Cynthia, one of the owners of Artistic Tile and stone. I called, she remembered me, and spent several minutes of her after hours time helping me with very high level product information that helped me to select an appropriate contractor, even though I am now outside her direct business area. (They sell stone everywhere, of course. I just didn't know that when I ordered mine, outside the SF Bay Area.) This is the kind of after-market care that is very hard to find. Thank you, Artistic tile & Stone, San Carlos, CA--for being there. Edytha R.

catherine r.
Moss Beach, CA
5.0 star rating

I would like to let people know of the FANTASTIC service I received at Artistic Stone. Their salesperson Jennifer Pfaff was incredibly helpful. I came in needing help for 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. Something that had me stressed out for months. She handled the projects simply and enjoyably. She is extremely creative and talented in her field. Was nice to go to a tile store and have such professional help in deciding something as personal as our home. Would highly recommend anyone to visit their showroom. But if you want excellent help ask for Jennifer.

Camille W.
San Mateo, CA
5.0 star rating

Working with Jennifer was great! She has a calm and non-pushy approach. She really worked closely with us to understand our differing tastes and found some great modern/transitional options that really worked for us!
Also, when the first back of tile came it, the colors were off. Jennifer was wonderful in getting it returned and getting us exactly what worked for our space!

Jan L.
Belmont, CA
5.0 star rating

Artistic Tile & Stone has an amazing showroom with the most beautiful selection of tile I've seen anywhere. The customer service was fantastic. Daniel Garcia helped me find everything I needed for my kitchen project. He spent a lot of time showing me products, answering questions, making suggestions, and getting prices for me. My experience at Artistic Tile exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for tile. Several times when Daniel went to get prices for me, other people also asked if I needed help. I suspect that anyone who complained about poor customer service in their review went to Artistic Tile on a Saturday. Go on a week day instead, and you will quickly get all the assistance you need. Any time I need tile, this is the place I'll go!

Tim P.
San Francisco, CA
5.0 star rating

I have worked in the Los Angeles area for over 15 years and have been working with my partner who has been doing interior design work for over 40 years. We arrived to the San Francisco area knowing no one. We were giving the name of Artistic Tile & Stone, by a reliable source. We arrived in the showroom and began looking for the unique Italian Tile we needed to begin our project, as we continued to just browse around the store, we were approached by a wonderful person who introduced herself as Jennifer, we explained our reason for our visit, by us being new to the area and knowing no one, Jennifer took it upon herself to introduce us to the manager of the store, Cynthia, who made us feel comfortable and ask us several questions that help both us and them to select the proper amount of product and the time frame needed to receive and complete our project. As the project continued, we ran into conflicts due to our contractors who totally miss cut and took complete advantage of our time and product usage. We ran short on several tile products and had to order and receive product the fastest way possible. Artistic Tile worked hand in hand with us and spoke with the suppliers and shippers who were in Florida by the way, this was very important to have Artistic Tile just handle this and provide tracking numbers and Jennifer kept me informed on the progress of the tile as it made it's way across the country. During this time, I would call the office and yes, they are busy, but I always received outstanding customer service and if I left a message I always received a call back, always. During our involvement with Artistic Tile, and we will continue to work with them on every other project, we have received professional and courteous help from everyone from Norine, who always ask for a accurate return phone number for a call back, the gentleman in the warehouse, and the entire staff, who all take pride in providing customers with the best possible service ever, and yes, we saw most of Artistic Tile clients are professional contractors, (because they know were to go) we as regular people who just want honest and courteous help have found our tile company in Northern California for life. Artistic Tile & Stone continue to Rock and Keep up the Great Work.

Suzanne P.
Redwood City, CA
5.0 star rating

After visiting MANY tile stores, this is our favorite. It has a wide selection of beautiful tile and stone. My husband and I used Artistic Tile when we remodeled our kitchen in "07" and again in our "just finished" bathroom. Both times we were assisted by Dave who helped us tremendously with our design. He is not pushy and is the first to get creative if the budget is getting a little too stretched. We are truly happy customers which (I'm sure ) will be back again.

Michael D.
Redwood City, CA
5.0 star rating

I have had the opportunity to do business with Artistic on two occasions. In both cases, I was extraordinarily pleased with my transactions. Cynthia and her staff took the time to ask me what my needs were, how we could work with in my budget, and what I could expect during the process. The showroom had everything you could want in terms of selection and the process from ordering, to delivery, to installation was smooth and professional. If you want to improve you home and do it painlessly, visit Artistic Tile. You will be glad you did

Josh D.
San Carlos, CA
5.0 star rating

Artistic Tile is a fantastic place to purchase your tile and get great design ideas for your tile project! The showroom is spectacular and there is really no reason to shop anywhere else. The staff is extremely friendly and they really care about the customer and the final outcome of the project. I highly recommend Artistic Tile and Stone in San Carlos on Bransten.

L. M.
San Mateo, CA
5.0 star rating

I think Artistic Tile is a great place to buy tile, especially if you're looking for something new, different and totally unlike the run-of-the-mill tile places. They have a huge selection of beautiful tile. They are totally willing to help you in the design process and layout. No other tile shop around will spend as much time with you on your project as the staff here. If you want cookie-cutter design, go somewhere else. I always tell my friends and family to make an appointment first as they do get busy and once involved with a client they spend the appropriate amount of time to get the job done. The best tile work I've seen is tile that usually is not in stock and has to be ordered and that is hand crafted and takes a little more time and energy. This is Artistic Tile and Stone. Folks, this is design - it's not science. Be patient, kind and you will be rewarded will a beautiful project. Kudos to Cynthia and her staff for bringing a high level of design and expertise to the Bay Area.

sl c.
Burlingame, CA
4.0 star rating

I have seen mixed reviews about Artistic Tile... but we had a really pleasant experience with them! While our job was small (a kitchen), they were very helpful in coming up with diverse color combinations and possibilities. They gave good estimates and generally we had no snags related to timing or getting the order right. Vince was incredibly patient and friendly and knew a lot about tile. I would recommend having some time when you go - both becasue there is a lot of tile to see and also you have to sign in on a sign-up sheet, so sometimes there is a brief wait. Although for me, the free coffee and the ability to browse around and find what tiles I wanted, were well worth the few minutes wait.

We would go back here again... maybe not for a whole house (which we hope to never have to remodel again) but certainly for other small tile jobs!

Chris S.
San Carlos, CA
5.0 star rating
Updated - 8/5/2008

We just spent about an hour with Vince, and he was extremely helpful! Vince actually approached us asking if we need help - we were still just browsing at that point, and he said take your time. When we did approach Vince, he led us around, with our tile sample, and offered many useful suggestions. Long story short, we have looked for weeks for tile, and within one hour with Vince we found our tile! Lastly, their showroom is spectacular - great sample boards and a large area. You won't be disappointed.