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Williamson Kitchen

Our latest Mural:

Kitchen mural backsplash in Palo Alto, CA

1987 Steeplechase Showhouse Steeplechase
The showhouse sheeplechase was one of our first large murals.
It was used in 1987 for a decorators showhouse.
Since then, Artistic Tile & Stone has been involved with decorator
showhouses in the Bay Area almost every year.

Good Mural The Boat scene was taken from a photo of the clients property in Ireland. In the background are several details that are significant to the client. Dates of marriage, childrens birthdays, etc. It's kind of like playing 'Where's Waldo', because you have to look very closely.

Good Mural
Bunny Bunny 2 Gallery Shower Art
Bunny Mural
Detail of Bunny Mural
(Clients name on wine label)
Shower Gallery of Art
Tuscany 1 Fortier Mural Country Shelf
Tuscan Village Mural
(on tumbled marble)
Tuscan Village Mural
(on porcelain tile)
Country Shelf
Veggie Basket ME Chicken Nude
Vegetable Basket Hen With Chick Nude
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Carmen M.
Belmont, CA
5.0 star rating

We have used tile from Artistic for two remodels now and we just don't shop anyplace else. We are remodeling a bathroom and I worked with the designer Cynthia who was able to take my ideas and turn them into reality within my budget. As she put it, "Tell me what you want to spend and we will make it work." They carry a beautiful selection of products, give correct information when you ask for advice, refer you to contractors and fabricators who do quality work, and follow through on what they say they will do. The service is excellent. If you want to sit down and plan out a project with a designer, I suggest you go on a weekday if you can -- they can be very busy on the weekends and they do give each customer all the time needed to make sure your project will be perfect.

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