Hahn Sinks

Beautiful and Built to Last

Premium Steel
The better the steel, the more lustrous and durable your sink is. HAHN sinks are produced at the highest standard, using only 304 steel with an 18/10 chromium/nickel composition.
Extra Thick
HAHN sinks are made from 16 gauge steel which is 25% thicker than comparable sinks, resulting in a quieter and more resilient sink made to last.
Satin Finish
Easy to clean, ages well, and hides unsightly water spots better than high-polish finishes.
Slight Corner Radius
HAHN sinks featured slightly rounded corners that allow for easy cleaning.

Intelligent Design Features

Extra Deep Basin
The deep design of Hahn sinks are stylish and functional, allowing for large pots and pans, and hiding unsightly dirty dishes.
Quiet Performance
Vibration caused from your disposal and pots and pans are quelled with Hahn’s state-of-the-art, absorbent, sound-deadening pads.
Every HAHN sink is sprayed with a non-toxic undercoating, minimizing the droplets of water than can form on the underside of your sink, that can result in cabinet water damage.