Adex Studio Series

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The Studio Collection’s special glaze offers depth and character for understated movement and variation. The ensemble includes highly embossed decos, artfully painted surfaces and three-dimensional trims—all in a deeply satisfying color palette.
Expect variation in color and size between field and trims.

Studio Colors:

ADSTA AlmondADSTA Almond
ADSTB BambooADSTB Bamboo
ADSTE EucalyptusADSTE Eucalyptus
ADSTG GraystoneADSTG Graystone
ADSTI Ice BlueADSTI Ice Blue
ADSTS Silver SandsADSTS Silver Sands
ADSTW Snow CapADSTW Snow Cap
ADSTT TimberlineADSTT Timberline
ADSTV VolcanicoADSTV Volcanico

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