This Shower Display is as you enter the new space from the existing showroom
entranceCepac Shower
BB-30 BenchBB-30 Bench
Left Side 24x24 Woven Reeds Cloudy
Center Tile Cepac Verdon VER-1, VER-4, VER-5, VER-6, VER-8
Right wall 12x24 Woven Reeds Waterfall
Floor 30x60 Prestige Statuario Matte
Metal Strips Contempo 3/8" Bright Silver
Shelving Custom made Shelves using Ledgeline Tile and Jolly
Edge Trim Schluter A100-TSBG Light Grey Jolly
Grout On Left: Siena Natural Grey - On Right: Light Grey
Bench Better Bench BB-30 with Woven Reeds Herringbone Deco
Shower Drain Schluter KERDI-LINE Linear Drain
Shower Head Santec 70780910 E series Square Rain W/15
Shower Valve Santec 2431MD-10